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World-Class Memory Chipmaker

As a world-leading memory manufacturer, SK hynix is the true definition of a tech giant. However, there’s an even bigger story at play here. By maintaining a tenacious and laser-sharp focus on semiconductor innovations for the past 40 years, at SK hynix we continue to refine our reputation as a master of memory chip technology and have become one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

However, we aren’t stopping there. With an estimated 21% of the global market (source: OMDIA) SK hynix will continue to provide complete manufacturing solutions and grow to be a world leader in not only B2B SSD technology, but also a powerhouse in consumer SSD manufacturing.

Company Name

SK hynix


Park Jung Ho, Lee Seok-Hee

Started Semiconductor Business

February 1983

Area of Business

Manufacture and sales of semiconductor devices

Address of Headquarters

2091, Gyeongchung-daero, Bubal-eup, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Products and Services

Memory semiconductor DRAM, NAND Flash, MCP(Multi-Chip Package), etc.

System semiconductor CIS(CMOS Image Sensor), etc.

Continued Growth in DRAM and NAND

With the core of our business being based in DRAM and NAND memory, we strive to discover new engines for growth and lead technological innovation into the fourth industrial revolution.

*Products other than our Super Core Series SSDs are sold only B2B.