Five-year Limited Warranty

A Five(5) year limited warranty is provided to customers who have purchased this product. For products that are replaced within the 5-year warranty period, the remaining warranty period from the original date of purchase will apply.

SK hynix Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (“SK hynix”) guarantees the manufacturing and the design that affect the form, fit, and function of the Solid State Drive (the “Product”) to be free from defects. This guarantee is limited to the original purchaser. Any claim must be made within five (5) years from the original date of purchase, and SK hynix shall have no liability thereafter. Claims may be made only by the customer who originally purchased the product and currently owns it.

Of any product that is determined by SK hynix to be defective during the warranty period, the Product may be repaired or replaced by a SK hynix authorized dealer in accordance with the warranty policy and the decision of SK hynix. In lieu of a Product repair or replacement, the original purchaser may receive a refund of either the original purchase price or the fair market value, whichever is lower. To be eligible for Product warranty, the purchaser must provide a proof of purchase and a certificate of authenticity that was provided at the time of purchase as well as comply with all requirements prescribed on the SK hynix website (www.skhynix.com/ssd). SK hynix will not provide any warranty coverage if the purchaser fails to provide a certificate of authenticity or meet other warranty conditions. Detailed warranty conditions can be found at the SK hynix website.

In case of Product exchange, the customer must provide the serial number of the Product and relevant personal information for the exchange to take place. For a Product exchange via delivery (e.g. postal or parcel delivery service), you must contact an authorized SK hynix dealer in advance. If a Product is still under warranty, an authorized SK hynix dealer will provide an functionally-equivalent replacement at no additional cost. The replacement shall meet the specifications of SK hynix. The ownership rights of the Product returned for exchange shall be transferred to SK hynix. Be sure to back up all data stored on the Product before requesting an exchange to an authorized dealer, as said Product shall not be returned after the exchange. In case of replacement or repair, SK hynix shall not be liable for any loss of data stored on the Product or for damages incurred to recover said data. Therefore, you must back up any important data to another storage medium to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

This warranty does not apply to any Products that have been damaged or modified due to improper use. Damages or modifications due to Improper use of the Product includes disassembly, manipulation or damage of labels, physical damage to the exterior, and damage to the connector pins.

This warranty provides legal rights to the purchaser. The limitation of warranty does not interfere with the purchaser’s explicit rights recognized by law. To the extent permitted by law, SK hynix does not make any explicit or implicit warranties with regards to this Product in addition to the aforementioned terms, and SK hynix shall not be held responsible for special, punitive, indirect, or consequential damages. In no event shall SK hynix be liable for costs in excess of the purchase price of the Product.